The Hybrid consists of an investigation about being in constant transformation that blurs the boundaries between species, races, creeds, genders and behavioral patterns. With a touch of fantastic realism, the work is an invitation to reflect on human nature, including ways of being, thinking, feeling or acting, which human beings tend to have, based on the influence of the socio-cultural context.

Filmed with cameras that capture 360º images, the work brings elements of performance, theater, cinema and presents itself as a hybrid show in webseries format, in eight different episodes. This experience is based on the movement of your body. Look for a quiet place, preferably dark, where you can rotate your body. Through a headset you will be able to enjoy spatialized audio, with sounds coming from all directions around you. We also warn you that the quality of the visualization may depend on your internet connection.

Who we are

Artistic Director and Performer: Robson Catalunha
Technical Director: Bruno Lottelli
Artistic Director: Felipe Cruz
Production and Executive Director: Andressa Moreira
Sound Director: Renan Vasconcelos
Original Soundtrack: Marcello Amalfi
Playwright: Robson Catalunha
Body Trainning: Douglas Emílio
Editor and Programmer: Eduardo Liron
Light consulting: Roberto Gill Camargo
Virtual Reality Consulting: Andre Stefano
Graphic Design: Laerte Késsimos
Web Development: Danilo Amaral
Social Media: Diego Ribeiro
Art: Ketlyn Azevedo e Marcelo Simões
Production Assistent: Cau Peracio
Set Assistent: Luis Eduardo
Participations: Cau Peracio, Mário Pérsico, Merlin Kern e Ketlyn Azevedo
Photo: Tiago Macambira
Press office in interior of São Paulo: JF Gestão de Conteúdo
Press office in São Paulo and other locations: Nossa Senhora da Pauta